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Saving money from your window facing

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Due to Covid-19, more people will prefer working from home. And it leads the electricity usage to increase since we use more light and air-con when we stay in a study or living room.


Reduce energy waster = saving money

To reduce the energy waste in our daily activities, choose a window open to facing north & south for your living/study room to gain most daylight.


Orientation of windows

North-facing windows are better for countries located in the southern hemisphere.

South-facing windows are better for countries located in the northern hemisphere.


Sun path and use of eaves

Don’t forget to use eaves or indigenous plants for blocking the summer sun.

Check your sun paths with sunearthtools



In conclusion, choosing the correct orientation of windows is not just saving energy usage, it is also saving money on our bills and better to our mother earth.

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