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How to choose the RIGHT colour?

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Are you facing difficulty to choose a suitable color for your projects? Not a problem, the following is the approach that I will use in my design. No matters for your home design or drawings, the colors of 3d rendering are essential to represent your thoughts and also somehow drawing more attention to architecture and interiors design too.


STEP 1: What is the major color of the project?

Find inspiration from daily life show as above, such as environment, magazine, your food, dressing style… If you are Melburnian, you can also visit the building designed by Carr Australia, Rob mills, or other famous architects in Melbourne. They are very good at it.


STEP 2: Adjust the brightness of major color

Adjust the brightness of your major color, so you can get the same range of colors. As shown above, you can use photoshop to adjust the brightness to brighter and darker.


STEP 3: Analogous colors

Pick analogous colors from your major color, which can draw attention. In this case, I pick caramel, Marrakesh Red, and chocolate brown to stand out the furniture at the back. Now you can see the different layers in the 3d rendering below.


STEP 4: Suitable ratio of colour

Apply the colors that you have with a suitable ratio, better using 70/30 or 80/20 instead of 50/50. This step is the most important. If the colour ratio is even, you might feel a bit wired, because every attractive image needs a focal point. You can check the number of likes of this desert house image on my IG @archvizharo to see the differences compared to other desert images.


Does there any approaches using in your design? Please share with us below. Hope you can get benefit from it.

Software: Lumion, 3dmax, vray, photoshop

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